Flarum is a forums solution that is currently in public beta and is under active development. Today we’re going to take a look at it, get it set up in a Homestead Improved Vagrant virtual machine, and look at the configuration and the features that Flarum offers. Then, we’ll compare it to some other forums platforms to see how it stacks up at a glance.

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Environment Setup

For our environment, we’ll be using a Homestead Improved Vagrant VM. More details about the setup can be found in this quick tip on getting Homestead Improved up and running. If another type of development environment is to be used, we can skip this step, otherwise, please follow the above HI setup guide before continuing.

For the purposes of this article, the folder used is flarum and the application name (and host set up in /etc/hosts) is flarum.app. In our Homestead.yaml, we should have our flarum.app entry pointing to the home/vagrant/Code directory.

Now, after vagrant up we should be able to access our app in our browser via http://flarum.app.

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