Owners of Apple Card are reporting Apple is finally expanding the number of credit reference agencies it will report to, with claims the Apple-branded credit card is starting to appear on credit reports generated by Experian.

Apple Card in Wallet app on iPhoneSo far, Apple has limited its reporting of consumer balances to one credit bureau, TransUnion, while no reporting was being made to either Experian or Equifax. While this has been the case for months, it now seems that the reporting is being made to more agencies.An email from an AppleInsider reader who uses an Apple Card reveals they have spotted a change made to their Experian credit report, appearing when they checked their report on July 19. Searches on Reddit indicates it is affecting a number of users, with posts on the r/AppleCard subreddit indicating other users of the site as having seen the details in their report since July 18.

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