Process Automation is defined as “a centerpiece of digitalization efforts” – where workflow engines are used as “a vital building block in modern architectures.”
In this episode of Cocktails, we talk to the author of Practical Process Automation: Orchestration and Integration in Microservices and Cloud Native Architectures, where we explore the relationship of automation and workflow engines, the tools and technologies to successfully implement process automation, as well as the relevance of isolation and boundaries in automation.
We also dive deep into Robotic Process Automation, how organizations are finding success with it, the risks involved, and why he considers it as a “short-term painkiller”.


Kevin Montalbo: Welcome to Episode 37 of the Coding Over Cocktails podcast. My name is Kevin Montalbo. Joining us from Sydney, Australia is Toro Cloud CEO and founder David Brown. Hey David!

Source: DZone