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Repair specialist iFixit is in the midst of conducting its customary teardown of Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro, with an initial report highlighting the handset’s massive battery, revamped TrueDepth camera and minor tweaks to the phone’s internal layout.Like the iPhone 13, and many previous models, iPhone 13 Pro is sealed with adhesive and its display cables are once again disposed on the left side of the chassis. Those cables attach to a stubby logic board that has been shifted up to accommodate an L-shaped battery, a design borrowed from the iPhone 12 Pro Max.The 2,095mAh cell is rated at 11.97 watt-hours with a measured capacity of 12.11Wh, according to iFixit. That compares to a 10.78Wh battery found in last year’s iPhone 12 Pro. The repair specialist notes iPhone 13 Pro’s battery can be swapped, but doing so will trigger a warning notification regarding the use of ersatz parts. Read more…

Source: Appl Insider