When running Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), it can be hard to understand and allocate costs in environments with multiple teams, projects, or even departments. With Kubecost, you gain full transparency into your Kubernetes usage and cost within minutes of installation. Officially launched in 2019 and built on open source, Kubecost now monitors over one billion dollars in Kubernetes spend, and enables startups and global enterprises alike to understand their spend and identify cost savings ranging from 30% to over 50%. Kubecost supports a wide range of self-managed and hosted Kubernetes environments, including Azure Kubernetes Service, which we’ll cover today in this article.

The Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is a popular fully managed Kubernetes service that offers embedded continuous integration and continuous delivery as well as enterprise-grade security and governance— powerful tools for teams adopting Kubernetes. As with any complex infrastructure, AKS requires proper governance and financial transparency for successful organizational adoption. Kubecost, an open source tool that provides teams with visibility into Kubernetes spend and supports environments hosted in Azure, is a widely recommended solution for engineers and finance teams facing this problem. Note: This documentation page for AKS provides helpful context for using Kubecost to implement a cost governance strategy.

Source: DZone