The Amazon SageMaker machine learning service is a full platform that greatly simplifies the process of training and deploying your models at scale. However, there are still major gaps to enabling data scientists to do research and development without having to go through the heavy lifting of provisioning the infrastructure and developing their own continuous delivery practices to obtain quick feedback. In this talk, you will learn how to leverage AWS CodePipeline, CloudFormation, CodeBuild, and SageMaker to create continuous delivery pipelines that allow the data scientist to use a repeatable process to build, train, test and deploy their models.

Below, I’ve included a screencast of the talk I gave at the AWS NYC Summit in July 2018 along with a transcript (generated by Amazon Transcribe — another Machine Learning service — along with lots of human editing). The last six minutes of the talk include two demos on using SageMaker, CodePipeline, and CloudFormation as part of the open source solution we created.

Source: DZone