As a DFL DevOps Director at Nedbank, one of my main focuses is integrating and automating the toolchain, from Continuous Integration to Continuous Deployment. The goal is to eliminate manual tasks and promote a hands-off cycle, so as to achieve economies of scale, accelerate time to market and improve quality. This blog post will explain how we added BlazeMeter performance testing to our automated XL Release CD cycle to achieve continuous testing, and how you can do it yourself.

At Nedbank, the CD tools that we use are by XebiaLabs, a DevOps toolchain vendor. We use XL Release for orchestrating the release pipeline, from development to production. We also use XL Deploy, an automation tool for deploying artifacts to systems like host containers, virtual machines, and the cloud. CI is handled through a different tools chain, which includes Jenkins, BitBucket, and Jira. The CI pipeline is tightly integrated with our CD pipeline.

Source: DZone