This year, I’m honored to be the chair of the artificial intelligence and data science track at the

Not surprisingly, the topics and tools around deep learning (DL) still top the list of big trends, and top-notch research in math and computation are driving progress across vision, speech, and text. Many in the DataWorks audience are already developing cutting-edge deep learning systems, while others are just beginning to start playing with DL. Either way, I suggest attending Magnus Hyttsten’s talk on getting started with TensorFlow.

As you read this article, a new DL framework might already be baking and being open-sourced. It’s getting harder and harder to keep track of all the new DL frameworks and their capabilities. The complexity can be daunting, especially if you just want to know which DL framework to use for a shiny new project at your company. If that sounds familiar, plan to attend Jeremy Nixon’s talk for some insights about which DL framework to use and why.

Source: DZone