DevOps is omnipresent in the software landscape – penetrated, surrounded, and bound together in the application galaxy. Gartner reports that by 2020, 50% of global enterprises will have implemented at least one application release automation solution, up from less than 15% today. Like any other cutting-edge technology, DevOps is also evolving at a whopping pace. We will focus on the most significant factors that will shape your team’s DevOps strategy in 2018.

BizDevOps – Amalgamation of Business & DevOps

Until recently, most DevOps teams were not even aware of business-level priorities, but today, IT teams are shifting from awareness to aligning with business through a new methodology. Guess what?  It’s been christened BizDevOps. BizDevOps serves to align IT teams with the larger mission of business leaders. Apart from delivering at high speed, teams also need to ensure compliance and security requirements. Recollect the Volkswagen case of a doctored emission control software – over 9 million cars across Europe and USA were recalled due to emission non-compliance, and eventually, Volkswagen shares fell by a third. With agility alone in mind, enterprises sometimes fail to maintain compliance and minimize their risks. BizDevOps seeks to meet risk and compliance without letting go of deployment agility. BizDevOps emphasizes a popular saying: “Every company is a software company," thereby aligning business needs with innovation and disruption.

Source: DZone