Continuous Delivery enables frequent releases of new features as soon they are ready and approved by product owners. The continuous delivery pipeline should be able to analyze, build, test, archive, and deploy iOS apps to iTunes Connect. In the previous post, we saw how to setup basic pipeline with Fastlane tools. Every iOS build deployed to iTunes Connect creates an .ipa file and A dSYM file is a "debug symbols file" as part of the archive step. Those are very important build artifacts generated as part of the build which can be used to go back to the previous version of iOS apps. It’s useful to host those IPA files somewhere so that we can access previous versions of iOS apps easily. In this post, we will see the automated way of hosting an IPA files to GitHub or similar hosting server.

Benefits of Hosting .IPA Files

You might be wondering why we need to host IPA files of released apps on the server. There are some situations when IPA files come in handy:

Source: DZone