Adobe has updated its Lightroom apps for iPhone and iPad, adding new capabilities for iOS 9, the iPhone 6s, and the iPad Pro. You’ll also find new presets, split tone adjustments, and a Notification Center widget.

On the iPhone, Lightroom has added support for 3D Touch, which allows you to use a quick action on the app icon to launch the in-app camera, while you can also take a peek at your photos. On the iPad, in addition to support for the iPad Pro’s resolution, Lightroom can also utilize Split View and Split Screen multitasking.

Both apps added the following enhancements:

  • New: Shoot-through Presets. Apply one of five new, specially formulated presets while capturing a photo from the Adobe in-app camera. Preview how the presets will be applied to your photo before you capture, and enjoy the freedom of adjusting settings after capture with full non-destructive capabilities. Shoot-through presets are available for 64-bit devices only, such as iPhone 5s and later and iPad Air and later.
  • Enhanced: Tone Curve – Point Curve Mode. Now, take color control to the next level with a full function Tone Curve tool, enabling access to RGB as well as individual red, green and blue color channels in your photo.
  • New: Split Tone adjustments. Create a distinctive look to your photos by applying a color tone to the highlights or shadows, or to replicate the look of a split-toned black and white photo.
  • New: Notification Center widget. Get instant access to the Adobe in-app camera by enabling the Lightroom for mobile Notification Center widget. Automatically launch the in-app camera with a single swipe down.

You can grab the Lightroom apps for iPhone and iPad from the App Store now.