IBM has announced that it has released more than 100 iOS apps as part of its MobileFirst partnership with Apple. Additionally, the company has announced that it is developing new enterprise apps meant to take advantage of features of the iPad Pro.

From IBM:

IBM is also currently developing enterprise apps for iPad Pro that take advantage of the device’s expanded power, performance, larger screen size and iOS 9’s multitasking features, allowing professionals to work in two apps side-by-side at the same time. Apps with Apple Pencil support will provide added precision and functionality to tasks, including designing and laying out a room, logging transactions or annotating maintenance logs.

IBM also says that going forward, a number of MobileFirst apps will start to integrate cognitive capabilities of its Watson learning computer. This will enable apps to continually learn about employee and customer needs over time.

The MobileFirst initiative has seen Apple and IBM partner to release apps for iPhone and iPad for a variety of industries, including health care, banking, and travel. The partnership has produced apps for 14 industries, as well as 65 specific professions, including nurses, electrical engineers, and pilots.

Source: IBM