For designers working as either freelancers or employees, certain elements cannot be ignored, they enclose every aspect of their professional lives. Elements like logos create and give life to brands. Business cards and flyers promote abilities and information while invoices and quotations keep a record of the sales and other components that make a business thrive.

The Shock Family, also founders of IconShock and DesignShock, knows how important is for a designer to have all these resources in good quality; that’s why they have created TemplateShock. A compendium of great templates for logos, business cards, posters, proposals, CVs, flyers, quotations, folders, menus, invoices, tri-folds and letters that are fully editable and free to download. What else could you ask for? TemplateShock’s got you covered. Here we are featuring the characteristics of each set.

Free Templates from TemplateShock

Present Yourself Right

Once you establish a brand’s identity, the business card becomes one of the main personal elements. Business cards are perhaps one of the most important marketing tools because they communicate basic but key information to people. People will remember it and associate it with the brand. TemplateShock offers this great package of 100 business card templates that can be downloaded in bulk or as individual elements.

Business Card Template

Logo Designs With Personality

As the most important design element of a company, the logo has the purpose of creating a constant visual reference that will impact every single part of a brand’s identity. This set contains 100 logo templates designed to level up your brand identity, with fully editable vector files in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Logo Template

Boost Your Event With Attractive Posters

As additional design elements that can increase brand popularity, posters are used to introduce shows, conferences, or any other public event. However, they also work as informative tools inside and out of a company. These templates come in different styles and can be edited from head to toe in InDesign.

Poster Template

Bring Attention To Your Proposal

Every once in a while, you might need to present a project to a capital investor, a client or even your boss. A well-designed proposal shows the effort put in without leaving content aside. This set includes 30 proposal templates, perfect for many different businesses. They range from dark and sober to clear and colorful, besides being easy to edit and print.


CV Templates: Get Noticed

If you are looking for a new career opportunity in a company that’s not your own, chances are you need a resume that stands out. A carefully designed CV helps to boost your chances of getting hired by emphasizing the abilities, knowledge and experience required for the position you are applying for in a way you can’t imagine. These CV templates are easily editable and printable in InDesign.

CV Template

Flyer Templates That Look Expensive

Now, startups and freelancers don’t usually have the economic resources to launch an ad campaign through traditional channels like TV, radio, or even the Internet. That’s when a flyer comes in handy, being one of the least expensive advertising tools. This set of 30 flyer templates can be easily downloaded, edited and printed.

Flyer Template

Professional Looking Folder Templates

Institutionally, folders have become an omnipresent element in any company. They serve the purpose of creating unity within the company, as well as showing professionalism to outsiders. Look more interesting with this variety of templates, this set can be edited, bulk downloaded and printed without fear of losing quality.

Folder Template

Menu Templates That’ll Make Them Hungry

Specifically created for restaurants, cafes and clubs, a menu is the one element that cannot be missed, and a good presentation can help food and drinks stand out. These collections of menu templates can be easily edited, with the option to change the colors and even modify the style to match your restaurant’s ambiance.

Menu Template

Tri-folds With Style

This design element is complementary to the flyer, although it’s not as easy to release. Tri-folds help you present complete and concise information in a reduced space, aiding the people who receive it in choosing a product or service wisely. This set includes 30 Tri-fold templates, which are fully editable and ready to print.

Tri-Fold Template


So there you go! Now you know how to take advantage of templates for every part of your business. TemplateShock is constantly being updated with fresh and trendy designs in great quality to make the design process easier, and the best of all its resources are free! So be sure to grab one or two and share them!

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