Next week the International PHP Conference and the WebTechCon will happen both in Mainz, Germany. I will speak at both events over the three days and the good news is that the combined 100 sessions are available for attendees of both conferences.

My only talk as part of the IPC is entitled Of knowledge sharing and the developer quality lifecycle, it’s non-technical and will hopefully be more a seeded discussion than a plain presentation. We will talk about the ways to share knowledge within a company in the Gutenberg III room, monday at 11.45.

My second and third talks will be part of the WebTechCon schedule, but I think they are very good fits for PHP devs nonetheless. On tuesday at 10.15 as part of the JavaScript Day I will talk about JS Events and Scopes. Every web developer should understand those concepts so I would highly recommend you attend if you don’t know how the this variable is bound in event listeners, or have never heard of variable hoisting.

The final talk will be part of the Web Security Day, and touching on the essentials of web security, the things you just can’t afford to ignore. The talk is on wednesday at 9.00am however, so plan ahead and avoid getting too drunk if you want to attend 🙂

And finally, if anyone wants me to do some informal Symfony2 presentation, I got slides ready and would be very happy to do that, so just come and ask.

Source: SELD